THe start of two 7000 sq ft buildings

This is a commercial slab being installed. 122'x57'..We are starting to cut rebar for our concrete pads which run through the footers of the foundation.

These pads are over 5'x5' and two ft deep. The placment of all 16 of these is directly under the red iron colum beams .There is also precise setting of four 18" anchor bolts that are 3/4 round. They get poured into the concrete. They are meassured across slab for a perfect fit. "VERY CRUCIAL" because if they dont get set right you cannot set your red iron beams.

We will post another stage of this process. This is just the beginning. We like to stay ahead of the game at E.S.Concrete! All are pad steel will be tied and ready to throw in hole once dug.We are prepared and ready to execute efficiently. Concrete work is hard enough let alone being unprepared could cause manger mistakes. Staying one step ahead of the process gives time to double check all the placment of everything to ensure quality!

You will always get a dedicated leader with us at your job site.

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THe start of two 7000 sq ft buildings

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