This was a 30x30x6" concrete replacment for Decks-n-Docks in sarasota Fl. There fork lift kept getting stuck and expensive matrials would fall off costing the company lots of wasted money. We were more than happy to come in and fix the problem for them.

As we have been fixing there yard for a couple of years now. They know they can trust us to come in and do it the rite way so it will last for years for there company! We come in and bring with us a heavy duty track hoe and haul off all concrete in broken area. Then we compact all soil and drill rebar into exsiting concrete to prevent any shirfting between old and new concrete.

Then we provide 3000 psi commercial fibermesh concrete at 6" depth to ensure quality and durability for there big fork lifts. If you have a concrete project at your house or place of business call E.S.Concrete and go with a company you can trust. We stand for integrity.

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