Heavy Equipment Slabs

These slabs  are 8" thick concrete slabs,using commercial fibermess. They are able to withstand 120,000 pounds without cracking. This is part of 8 acers of concrete we are pouring for the owner of Crush It in Nokomis FL. This is a concrete recycling plant where hugh front end loaders drive all over the property and not to mention the dump trucks and concrete trucks that come fully loaded . These slabs take very high abuse.

The finish on these slabs has to be alot rougher than on a residential slab to give it alot more traction and will be able to last longer. Its not as pretty but does its job well. The picture you see here is around 200 yards being poured at once and the one at the bottom is another.We started at 5 am . We set up our own lights to get started. Basically we bring our own Sun with us too.lol.

Most of the men I work with I have either trained personaly or was taught by,as my mentor Jamiey Cooley comes out to help on the big jobs and brings his crew too! So you are always getting a tight crew with us. Its alot more than money to us. Its part of who we are. You will always get leaders with E.S.Concrete and a fundamental system on how concrete is poured the old school way. There are no short cuts in our trade..

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